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The evaluation will take about an hour. You can expect subsequent visits to be a little shorter – 30 to 45 minutes or so.

Is there anything I should bring to the first appointment?

Yes. Please arrive about fifteen minutes early so that we can make sure you’re all set to go. Please fill out your paperwork ahead of time so we can make sure your appointment starts on time (for new patient forms click here), and bring your photo ID, your insurance card (if you are using insurance), and referral (if your insurance requires it). Click here to print out the new patient paperwork packet.

You’ll also need loose-fitting clothing, such as shorts or pants with an elastic waistband. We ask our female patients to wear or bring a tank top or a sports top so that we can easily access the area being treated.  If you have a foot or knee ailment, we also ask that you bring the shoes you wear most often, and running shoes if you are a runner.

You can wear these clothes to your appointment or bring them with you – you’re welcome to change at the clinic if that’s most convenient for you.

What will the first visit be like?

We’ll ask you to fill out some paperwork  so we have a solid idea of your medical

history and any past physical problems that might be related to the issues that

brought you to us. You’ll then meet with your physical therapist who will review

your history, discuss your current problems, and learn about your personal goals

for rehabilitation.

The therapist will give you a comprehensive evaluation to determine what is

causing your pain. We’ll explain your ailment to you, recommend the best course of  treatment, and what we can do together to resolve it. We’ll create a

treatment plan with you that determines how often you should come in for physical therapy, as well as a home exercise program for you to do. We want

you to know that your healing process is partially dependent on your dedication

and effort.  Your work on the home program has everything to do with how fast you improve.

                                                                                      Your First Visit