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"I  have seen Laura, Kohl, Elizabeth, Heidi and Krista

over the years. Each experience was the same: very knowledgeable and compassionate staff that
helped me get back to my desired activities quickly.
They make it fun, too!” -Barbara Kraft

Heidi Crawford, PT, MDT
​Physical Therapist, Charlottesville Clinic

​Heidi brings joy, humor and compassion with her to the PT Plus team, as well as 33 years of experience. A German native, Heidi attended Texas Woman’s University PT School. Her specialty is acute and chronic back and neck pain, helping many people of all ages recover from pain and weakness in that area. Heidi became a Certified Spine Therapist in 1991. Heidi resides in Charlottesville with her delightful Jack Russell Terrier ‘Ricochet.  

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Treating Your Neck & Back Pain

No one should expect to live with chronic back pain. Physical therapy is the preferred choice of physicians and patients to manage and eliminate pain associated with neck and back disorders. Whether you suffer from a muscle strain, disc disorder or spinal injury, you may benefit from physical therapy. Research shows that with the proper balance of manual treatment, exercise and education, you can once again live a healthy life without back pain. Our proven approach includes manual therapy techniques to alleviate muscle spasms, improve your mobility and alignment, and decrease your pain. You will learn appropriate exercises to manage your pain and strengthen your spine. In our body mechanics education program, you will learn how to bend and lift properly as well as how to perform your desired activities such as sports and leisure activities, household chores, and gardening while avoiding


                                                                                            Neck & Back Pain