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​​Arthritis Management

If you suffer from arthritis, it is likely that pain and stiffness

limit your mobility and impact your quality of life. We want

to help you maintain your highest level of mobility and

minimize your pain.  Many people with arthritis find

themselves avoiding activities such as climbing stairs,

exercising and enjoying community events. However, by

limiting your motion and activities, pain and joint stiffness

worsens. With the right selection of exercises, our

experienced physical therapists can help you restore joint

motion and decrease your pain, allowing you to go back

to living your life.

Physical Therapy:

During your physical therapy sessions, you will learn how to exercise your joints properly, increase your mobility and strength while decreasing joint stiffness. You will also learn adaptive strategies to help you perform daily activities such as dressing and climbing stairs with less pain. We are dedicated to ensuring you live your life at your best.

                                                                                 Arthritis Management 

“PT Plus is like a second home to me; the staff and other members are like family. I can’t imagine any group of people more kind, polite, knowledgeable, compassionate, or fun! They care deeply about my personal well-being. I couldn't be happier here.” - Barbara Kraft