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"I  have seen Laura, Kohl, Elizabeth, Heidi and Krista

over the years. Each experience was the same: very knowledgeable and compassionate staff that
helped me get back to my desired activities quickly.
They make it fun, too!” -Barbara Kraft

"Temporomandibular Joint  Dysfunction” (TMD)

TMD is often the underlying cause of jaw pain, chronic headaches and neck pain. Flexibility, strength imbalances and 
stress-related dysfunction within the muscles of mastication (chewing) can cause debilitating pain and interfere with life 
activities.  Pain in the TMJ may also be due to trauma, such as a blow to the face or whiplash from a MVA, structural defects 
and inflammatory or degenerative arthritis.  Physical therapy can restore normal flexibility and release chronic contractions 
within the affected muscles, as well as restore normal mobility and range of motion to the affected joints. We teach TMD 
sufferers ways to self-manage their symptoms and alter their habits to improve their quality of life. We work together with 
your dental team to resolve your TMD. 

                                  Do you have?

 •   jaw pain (am/pm/eating/throughout day)

 •  clenching/grinding           • headaches

 •  jaw clicking/popping        • neck pain

 • limited mouth opening      •  high stress levels

Addressing TMD Through Physical Therapy

PT Plus is now offering a new Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction therapy program! Physical therapist Krista Bearley,

MPT provides patients with a safe and effective way to manage TMD and symptoms associated with TMD.  If you or a

loved one are suffering with TMD there is an alternative to surgery. Physical therapy is a conservative and proven effective approach to treating symptoms of TMD. In most cases, our patients have found relief while avoiding long-term use of

anti-inflammatory medication, orthodontia or surgery.

                               Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction Therapy (TMD)